Joe McClain - Apr 3, 2007

Tanzania is strengthening its destination marketing. Describing its branding strategy, Tanzania Tourist Board marketing director Amant Macha said they will focus more on less-developed tourist attractions, such as southern and western Tanzania wildlife parks, scenic mountains in the southern highlands, cultural tourism in villages, sports, arts and shopping. Tanzania wants to attract 1 million tourists by the year 2010. Currently, annual earnings from tourism areUS$732 million, from 612,000 tourists.


According to Mr. Macha, “Tourism publicity and infrastructure development are now a priority to the Tanzanian government which wants to see more press coverage in the traditional tourist markets of North America, Europe and emerging markets in South East Asia.” The national board believes that their participation in international exhibitions is an important part of their marketing. Mr. Macha highlighted the importance for Tanzania tourist stakeholders of their participation in the ITB Exhibition, “to build strong links with the German tourist market that includes Austria, Switzerland and Germany itself. We need to be here to promote and publicize Tanzania’s tourist attractions and all we have to offer”, he said.


The United Republic of Tanzania with its territory of almost a million sq. kilometers and 38 million habitants is the world"s 31st-largest country. Agriculture accounts for a considerable part of her GDP, exports and employment. However, only 4% of the land area is suitable for the cultivation of crops. The country also has vast amounts of natural resources, including gold deposits.


At the same time, the country has many extraordinary tourist attractions. More than 25 per cent of Tanzania’s land area is covered with magnificent game reserves and national parks. There are 13 national parks, 29 game reserves, 40 controlled conservation areas and marine parks. Tanzania is also home to the famous Roof of Africa - Mount Kilimanjaro.


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