Gary Diskin - Oct 29, 2016

Take a Break Travel is an affordable vacation service that brings you promotional travel deals. It focuses on customers who want to spend a relaxing vacation at any time of the year. The service is known for having all-inclusive vacation programs that people can register for.

Ample Planning Time

Once you register for a vacation, a Take a Break agent will call you back and have you set up in less than 30 days. In the opinion of this Take a Break Travel Review, this fact makes long-term planning easier since you can register for the vacation a month or two ahead of your desired departure date. So families can register and book all-inclusive vacations for the summer while the kids are still in school, which is often when parents have more time to devote to planning family vacations -think about how easy it would be to plan a vacation and talk to your travel agent while the kids are home all day, not easy.

Personalized Service

Each family is assigned an agent who helps find the best travel deals that fit their budget and desired location. The all-inclusive vacation is great for the average family --the program is for 2 adults, aged 21 or over, and 1 or 2 kids less than 12 years old. This specification is to make sure that the family is comfortable in the hotel room included in the program. However; you can take more guests and/or extend your vacation for an additional, preferred fee. According to this Take a Break Vacation review, this feature will allow for more freedom (the number of guests is not restricted- and proves that the Take a Break Vacation service is truly centered on each family and its preferences.

Choice Destinations

Once your agent calls, you can discuss your budget, desired locations - that vary from time to time giving guests various choices of beautiful destinations in the United States - as well as activity ideas that your family members of all ages will enjoy.

Knowledgeable, Responsive Agents

Agents have years of experience and are well informed about the latest travel deals and customer opinions of vacation areas and activities. They can tell you where the hot spots in each destination are or refer you to little-known resources to get the exact information you want. Agents will also tell you what specific identity verification forms to submit.

Straightforward Rules

The Take a Break Travel webpage clearly lists all its Terms and Conditions for all website visitors to review. Agents work one-on-one with each family to clarify and answer any necessary questions. The prices are also clearly listed and are affordable. The registration is $50.00, which includes a refundable $40 and a non-refundable $10 processing fee.


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