Theodore Slate - May 15, 2007

Taiwan is noted for its production of electrical equipment, its electronics industry, and for computer products. Together, these form the basis of its export trade.


Among other sources of income, the Taiwanese tourism industry is experiencing significant growth. A recent World Economic Forum’s survey ranked Taiwan fourth in tourism competitiveness in Asia and thirtieth in the world. According to the Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD), "This indicates Taiwan has lots of potential in developing a robust tourism industry." In 2006, some 3.52 million tourists visited Taiwan and the tourism revenue created some 4.52 percent of Taiwan"s GDP last year. CEPD claims that "This indicates the government"s promotion of Taiwan"s tourism in the international arena has worked."


Nevertheless, Taiwan"s annual growth of tourist arrivals in 2007, estimated at 4.7 percent, is expected to result in a fall in rank from 30th to 48th. Mr. Hsieh Wei-chun, Deputy Director of the Tourism Bureau under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, claims that the fall in ranking is due to the fact that tourism is only a minor part of Taiwan"s service sector.  According to Mr. Wei-chun, "That is a problem of the nation"s industrial structure." The government continues to support the tourism industry. In recent years it has for example opened five national parks.


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