Vanderlei J. Pollack - Mar 18, 2008

MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions) sector of tourism industry is a very profitable business. In Swedish Göteborg, it is reflected in the Swedish Exhibition Center’s profits for 2007, which were the best ever. The exhibition center has generated cash flow of  €11,4 million and operating profit was €9,5 million. According to the CEO of the Swedish Exhibition Centre, their services are special even from the European perspective since the center runs all by itself. The Swedish Exhibition Centre is doing so well that it will fund its further development.


According to the deputy Managing Director of Swedish Exhibition Centre, Petter Ullberg, there is a need for more space for exhibitions and meetings. That is the reason why they plan to build a new 7,500-square meter exhibition hall. This development, however, creates a need for additional hotel rooms. Swedish market reflects this need and the number of hotel rooms in Göteborg has increased by more than 25% in the past few years. New hotels are under construction.


The Swedish Exhibition Centre itself plans to widen the offer of hotel rooms by expanding the Hotel Gothia Towers. This facility is already the biggest hotel in all Scandinavia and after the completion of its third tower it will have approximately 1,200 rooms. The facility will than become the biggest hotel in Western Europe. The plan is, first to build additional floors onto the east tower of Hotel Gothia Towers. The five-star facility will have gourmet restaurant with roof terrace, relax facility, treatment rooms, gym and swimming pool. The hotel will certainly offer a wonderful experience to its guests as for example they will have the possibility to swim almost 70 meters above the street level. This activity will not only expand the number of hotel rooms and the number of exhibition visitors, it should also make Göteborg more attractive as an international venue.


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