Samuel Dorsi - Feb 15, 2010
For obvious reasons, airports usually end up at the center of debates concerning security. The new airport scanning machines, body scanners, have stirred up a new debate, mostly concerning the old tussle between privacy and safety. Whether we like it or not, body scanners are here. Manchester airport in the UK and other airports in Australia are now implementing these machines. In fact, the Australians have already invested 174 million USD into the project. The scanners show an almost naked image of passengers to airport staff, who are invisible to the travellers. For those unwilling to participate in this latest quirk of technology, the old pat down technique is still a necessary evil.In the latest poll by Skyscanner, out of 400 people, 66% agreed with the new system, whereas 30% found problems with the scanners. Most of the opponents stated that they don’t like the fact that their real body shape is visible to strangers. Some were also worried about the rays from the machine doing damage but scientists have brushed this off. The big advantage of the system, which most people are able to recognize, is the fact that passengers no longer have to take off their shoes or indulge in any other visibly degrading activities.With most people in favour and airports investing more and more into the scanners, it appears that their development is imminent. This after all makes the most sense especially in the times of extra security and increases in concerns about terrorism.  Related: Peeping Tom’s Scanner


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