Xtraordinary Adventures Enters into Agreement with Rocketship

Dan Rang - Jul 8, 2010

Xtraordinary Adventures has entered into a marketing agreement with RocketShip Tours to begin taking reservations on the LYNX, XCOR Aerospace's newest rocket propelled suborbital vehicle. Current plans call for first flights to begin in late 2011 after a successful series of test flights earlier in the year. The venue for the initial scheduled flights is the Air & Space Port in Mojave, California, home of XCOR Aerospace.

Mitchell J. Schultz, managing director of Xtraordinary Adventures and one of fewer than one hundred worldwide certified Space Tourism Specialists, will help interested participants in the qualification process in preparation for their flight on LYNX. According to Mr. Schultz, "the first one hundred to fly on LYNX will be designated an official rocketeer, and will become part of space tourism history." The LYNX may become the first suborbital vehicle to regularly take space tourists on what Schultz calls "the most thrilling experience to the edge of space on this planet.”

Ever since the dawn of early human space exploration in the 1960's, man has had the desire to experience the awesomeness of space, weightlessness and the feeling of power generated by rockets and G forces. The time has finally arrived with the anticipated completion of the construction of LYNX in the very near future. If you are among the first to book with Xtraordinary Adventures your place in history will be-assured.

The LYNX has been designed with four rocket engines to reach an apogee of 200,000 feet, and will take off in much the same manner as private jet aircraft. Early participants will sit in the co-pilot seat next to Rick Searfoss, former NASA Shuttle Commander who will also conduct personal briefings before each flight. Three video cameras will be recording these historical flights, and will become a memento of this extraordinary personalized-experience.

The cost of the LYNX experience is $95,000 and includes a four-day training session and a two-day briefing before the flight itself. A $20,000 deposit is required to secure your reservation.

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