Chris Grad - Feb 6, 2012

South Australia is a reputed holiday destination as somehow, this region has managed to have it all: beautiful and unique sceneries, beaches, fine weather, culture, art and a passion for sports and fun.

Australia is far for many travelers, yet such a beauty and appeal is impossible to resist. Visitors love local laid back atmosphere, leisure opportunities, and the natural and cultural riches.

South Australia is a region fortunate enough to enjoy long lovely summers and mild winters. The weather conditions are simply perfect, and thus wine growing tradition has been deeply rooted here for many generations. It is from here, that travelers can easily reach the National Landscapes of the Flinders Ranges or the Kangaroo Island.

Exploring Adelaide, the capital city, becomes a fantastic experience. The place has a reputation of the most livable of all Aussie cities and indeed, the atmosphere is priceless. Shopping enthusiasts will find the city more than diverting and art lovers are bound to enjoy many local art galleries and museums.

Local zoo is a great attraction, as is food. One can find delicacies from all over the world in local more than 700 restaurants; however, trying seafood is highly recommended.

Wine lovers are already familiar with South Aussie’s background, featuring sixteen wine regions which offer a very wide choice of wines to enjoy.  Not far from Adelaide, one can find Hahndorf, a scenic village with a strong German influence which features anything from German architecture and art, to wine cellars and restaurants.

The region’s pride lies not only in the wine tradition, but also in the winding coastline of over 3,800 km, lined by towns and beautiful beaches, breathtaking sceneries and cliffs. Surfing, boating and fishing are extremely popular in the area and those heading for the beautiful Kangaroo Island or Limestone coast will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy these.

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