Chris Grad - Sep 18, 2007

The Republic of South Africa is about to launch a large and ambitious project, which is to increase the tourists’ interest into this country. In the North West province, a multimillion theme park is soon to rise. Main themes of this potential tourist magnet are the mining industry and technology, the history of mining or the mining experience itself.


Platinum City will be designed to introduce and reflect upon the relevance of the mining past of the country, in contrast with its future. One of the number-one attractions – according to the first reports – is a simulated mine experience initial to the park’s visit. This adventure is meant to bring the tourists to the “coal face” of an underground operation in a controlled and safe manner. The major objective of this experience is not only to amuse but also to educate the park’s guests.


According to the plans, a stand-alone hall is to be built on the spot, which will remind the tourists of the Apartheid museum in Johannesburg. It is to present local mining from historical perspective and show the impact this industry has had on the country’s society. Also, a “Wall of Remembrance” is to be raised to pay tribute to those who lost their lives while working in the mines.


The whole project is expected to be launched very soon in the town of Rustenburg. This destination is a rapidly growing town in South Africa. The Platinum Theme Park will be placed between the Rustenburg golf course and the Olympia Park soccer stadium. Eventually, the park is to function as a display of local designer talents. Platinum jewelry and other products will be manufactured and sold here to the tourists as well. The plans also include exhibition halls and conference centers which are aimed to attract visitors from all over the world.


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