Greek Tourism Can Reverse the Negative Climate

Dan Rang - May 17, 2010
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London – The hospitality sector in Greece – and in any other country that faces such negative financial and political coverage – Is in a position to reverse the negative climate and create a solid foundation for future progress, even in times of crisis. Flexibility and innovation are characteristics that can reverse the negative impressions and lead hospitality businesses to take control of their policy and communications with travellers.

This is the advice of a new white paper by SoMaFusion, a London based agency specialising in hospitality policy and communications. The white paper is freely distributed on the Internet and aims to inform and support people involved in tourism while Greece receives negative coverage in the international media.

Titled "Policy and Crisis Communications for the Hospitality Sector”, the SoMaFusion white paper presents a brief policy and communications strategy which can be adapted from hospitality businesses so that they will continue to evolve and thrive by investing in strategic action, analysis, personal communications and value added services.

Sofia Gkiousou, Strategic Planning and Communications Manager and Manolis Mavrantonakis, Systems Manager for SoMaFusion, said: "The Greek crisis and the way it is presented abroad can predispose visitors negatively. It's up to each company to analyse the situation and use all the tools at its disposal to show the traveller the positive side of holidays in Greece. In 'Policy and Crisis Communications for the Hospitality Sector’, we present some of the strategies that can implemented by businesses"

In the whitepaper you may find:
- Presentation of the current situation in the Greek hospitality sector
- Suggested changes to the current service offering to meet the traveller’s needs and new communication plan
- Suggestions for improving the services and devising a policy and communications strategy to deal with the crisis. 

Policy and Crisis Communications for the Hospitality Sector is freely available on the SoMaFusion website.


About SoMaFusion

SoMaFusion is a digital communications agency in London, specialising in hospitality. Policy and Crisis Communications for the Hospitality Sector is freely available on the SoMaFusion website under a Creative Commons License.



Sofia Gkiousou, SoMaFusion, +44 (0) 20 8144 9327,

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