Daniel A. Tanner - May 7, 2012
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There are numerous bus companies in America that are certainly reliable and will get you to your destination safely. Some of them have their own promos, their own quirky advertisements to get more people to ride. Despite all of these, which is the best? Sitting in buses for long periods of time can demand patience, which is why developing quality service must be prioritized.

Tourism-Review.com presents its 6 best bus companies for budget travel. Bus companies provide different services to different people. From those which provide tech-friendly services, to those who serve free drinks and snacks and one-dollar rides. Check it out.


The Megabus is the largest company out of the six. It prides itself in running through more than fifty cities in the U.S. so bus travel wouldn’t be a problem. The bus line offers top quality safety as well as free mobile wi-fi services for added entertainment. Restrooms are also available and are accessible to disabled people. All customers can rest easy and place their trust in Megabus’ professional drivers.

As with the best, there are nitpickings. The Megabus unfortunately has little legroom to spare. As people will struggle and kick each other for legroom.


One of the best features of the Boltbus that most would agree on is their $1 tickets. Nowhere can you find coach travel for less around the Metro Area. The bus lines pay much attention to the details, like extra legroom, free wi-fi, power plugs, and the fact that you can reserve seats makes this bus liner a winner. The drawback of the Boltbus would be its hygiene; the line suffers from smells which can turn some people off. Other than that, this is a good service for its price.


Sin City just got a whole lot serious. The Lux Bus is a coach travel to Vegas for about $50. The line is a very spacious bus exclusively for those who want to sin it up before arriving in Vegas. It offers free drinks and free snacks while en route to Las Vegas and other destinations offered. The bus has comfortable leather seats which have the feel of class and exclusivity all the way from Los Angeles to the famous desert city. The bus line offers a door-to-door service to hotels which is a plus for most people who have reserved tickets.


The Vamoose is a very pleasant bus which provides security and safety above all else. It gives a sense of exclusivity and superior performance. The Vamoose is a US travel bus line which has all the necessary luxuries provided; such as bathrooms, amazing wi-fi signals, and friendly drivers. The Vamoose makes its way from the Metro to the DC area, where politicians and state leaders can purchase exclusive sections for added comfort, legroom and other purposes.


Nothing is more like U.S. travel buses. The Tripper Bus line puts its customers first before anything else. Loyalty and passenger satisfaction is top priority. From the Metro area running to the D.C. area, passengers can be safe. The Tripper Bus has features such as extra legroom, excellent wi-fi signals, good clean bathrooms, electrical sockets and on time departures. Despite all this, the best thing about the Tripper Bus is that it rewards its longtime passengers with free rides! Every 8 one-way tickets, you get one ride free and that’s how to reward loyal customers!


Nothing smells of new class than Redcoach bus lines. This line runs through the hot and sexy Florida beach scene along with its reclining seats which can reach to 140 degrees with extra legroom. Individuals can be comfortable with the new leather seats with foot rests, the on-board movies, and state-of-the-art security systems. The Redcoach is the definition for affordable yet packed experience.

The best thing about these bus lines is the quality they provide for their price. Some may be expensive, but they are worth the cost. Others are cheaper, but they pack a whole lot of service and loyalty rewards. Customers will again and again keep coming back to the six best bus companies in America. Watch out for these bus lines in your area. If quality equates to provisions, then these bus companies are a godsend.

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