James Morris - May 25, 2009
Air New Zealand is fighting the global crisis with an ingenious idea which is likely to fill the entire plane – a matchmaking return flight Los Angeles – Auckland.  While many airline operators are trying to cut costs of basically anything involved in flying, there are some who are bringing creative and constructive solutions to fight the credit crunch. Appealing to people’s emotions seems like the one chance to win. Air New Zealand recently introduced their playful idea of a matchmaking return flight from Los Angeles to Auckland. The big event starts on October 13th in L.A., with a pre-flight party at the Air New Zealand lounge. Entertainment will of course be provided on board; however, the passengers are more than welcome to use their own imagination. All love-tuned passengers are welcome to shake off the jetlag at the Grand Matchmaking Ball which takes place at Auckland’s SkyCity Grand Hotel. To make sure everyone is happy and knows what they’re getting themselves into, Air New Zealand has established a special website, where anyone interested in the flight may upload their personal profile. Everyone is more than welcome to specify whether it is a Canadian boyfriend, Kiwi girlfriend or just a friend they’re after. Naturally, this is an all-singles flight. With all its features, it is likely to attract many passengers. If for nothing else, then for the fun idea behind it. The prices start at $780 and for several months, profiles have been piling up. 75 matchmaking enthusiasts have already signed up and the numbers are surprisingly fair, with equal number of men and women. This rather amusing idea appears a great example of how to change the strategy and focus on selling a unique product with high chances of success – hopefully, the romantic destination as well as the clear matchmaking flight deal will do the trick for all passengers. And perhaps, from a once-a-year flight, the matchmaker may become a weekly attraction. Related:BYE BYE LOVE! THE MUSEUM OF BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS CONQUERS THE WORLDHEART-SHAPED ISLET IS TOP ATTRACTION

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