Michael Trout - May 10, 2008

The tourism industry, as in most places on the planet, is of extreme importance in Singapore. Indeed, Singapore is visited by an astounding average of 826.000 people per month, some of which flash huge amounts of cash. Thus, it is hardly surprising that the governement is trying to reinvigorate a tourism sector which has been stuttering somewhat in recent years.


One of the most important methods of the governement to achieve its aims is to put hefty amounts into advertising. Part of this advertising campaign involves advertising hotels: a feature of Singapore which has been rather neglected in recent years.The situation is now rapidly changing as new hotels are beginning to spring up all over Singapore.


One of them is the Crown Plaza Changi Airport hotel, which has been praised by many for not having the typical airport hotel image. Instead, it has an upscale and stylish image. The motto of the hotel reads ‘where the world meets Singapore’, which proves that the designers view it as more than just a place for visitors to throw their head on a pillow for a night.


Included in the list of new hotels is the St. Regis hotel, the first luxury hotel to have been built in Singapore in over a decade. It is so far renowned for its butler service. Its 299 guestrooms and suites have been described as pure luxury. Both the above-mentioned hotels have been so far mainly visited by Malaysians, Chinese, Australians and Indians. These four markets make up 51% of the Singapore tourism industry.


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