Chris Grad - May 6, 2008

More and more tourists are becoming increasingly interested in comfortable or even luxurious traveling. Spending one’s holiday on a superb cruise liner while visiting various destinations is extremely appealing. There are several areas over the globe in which this kind of holiday-making is more popular and accessible; Asia is undoubtedly one of them.


Among the many countries that have built facilities fit for the magnificently large cruise liners, Singapore is now ready to take the lead. Recently, the Singapore Tourist Board has released detailed information regarding the construction of a new cruise terminal at Marina South. One of the reasons for this is the growing need for a more suitable berth for large cruise liners. Also, Singapore is very keen on playing a more significant role on the Asian tourism market.


The new terminal site in Marina South is planned to be completed in 2010. The whole project has been very welcome by some major cruise lines, such as Star Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, P&O Princess and Silversea. These have already decided to open their offices here and thus made Singapore their homeport. And as local facilities are becoming too small for the almost record-breaking sizes of the new cruise liners, every one is really excited about the construction.


The Singapore Tourist Board has not yet revealed the overall size of investment ready to be poured in to the new terminal. Furthermore, it has not published the name of the operator who will operate the terminal. However, the project still presents a breakthrough for Singapore tourist flow. With a much more impressive number of passengers, it is on its way of becoming an unrivalled Asian cruise hub of the future.


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