Joe McClain - Mar 26, 2012

Ten years have passed since the civil war in Sierra Leone was officially over. Since then, the country has gradually evolved from stable to ambitious and today eagerly invites investors and tourists alike.

The African country of Sierra Leone unfortunately no longer holds the reputation of the paradise of the late 1980s and early 1990s, when its fame reached far into the world. History had its own way and the civil war, which ended a decade ago, left a deep mark on all aspects of life here.

Economically speaking, Sierra Leone has significant potential, and local nature reserves and beach resorts have certainly not lost the appeal. The government realizes the importance of international financial and tourist attention and is currently leading a very active campaign to secure more foreign direct investment (FDI) as well as faster development of the tourism industry.

It took nearly ten years until Sierra Leone felt a shift from stability to growth. Even though there are some minor setbacks, local authorities are aware of the immense benefits of FDI and realize that local legal environment does not support it. The government has been very active recently and many new laws and regulations have been passed to set the conditions right.

Similarly, the tourism sector is on the increase with more visitors coming in each year, not only from neighboring countries but also from the UK, which is historically linked to Sierra Leone. Local pristine beaches remain beautiful and offer rare comfort and peace these days. Eco-tourism is a well established approach here and especially the natural reserves need the necessary protection as the tourism numbers rise.

Sierra Leone has hopefully initiated a new phase of its development which aims to build on the immense potential this wonderful country has today.

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