Sara Thopson - May 17, 2010

The World Expo has sometimes been described as a celebration of our species, a glorification of the variety in which homo sapiens finds itself around the world. The event’s popularity goes to show that a number of people seriously appreciate our varying cultures.


The Shanghai World Expo opened up on May 1st and the signs are positive that it will be an immense success. So far, 33 million tickets have been sold for an event expected to last for 184 days. It has been described as a display of magnificence, which appeals to all the senses. Pavilions, reminiscent of those stands at trade fairs, attract visitors to explore the images of all the countries involved at the event. Each representation of each country is designed in a special way in order to be visually appealing.

That is just the visual side of the event, as gastronomic delights are available too. For example, the Belgian pavilion is a draw for chocolate lovers and the Indian pavilion blows an aroma around most of the 5.28 square kilometers, over which the entire event is spread. There are even some surprise entries in the event as some countries participate for the first time ever. Certain African nations, usually doused in political turmoil, are participating, along with North Korea. The so-called “economic Olympics” holds no political, racial or historical prejudices.

A total of 70 million visitors are expected, boosting local knowledge about the world and the surrounding economy. A figure around 3700 has been quoted to describe the upsurge in the necessity for hotel rooms around Shanghai. Other business people will be making money from the event.

Most of the expected visitors are and will be Chinese but this does not mean that they will not spend money or need to use hotels. It will also be a wonderful eye-opener for those unable to travel due to visa and financial restrictions.

By Igor Fesyukov

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