Nils Kraus - Dec 9, 2008

Many countries have a large amount of their population living abroad. What is certain is that some have more than others, such as the Scots. Something like 150.000 families in the USA and Canada label themselves as Scottish or of Scottish descent. On top of that, North America is not the only place where Scottish emigrants have ended up. Therefore, in a new advertising campaign, set to be launched in 2009, the slogan ‘come home’ is to become very familiar as Scottish tourism associations attempt to entice their former residents back to Scotland. The idea has come about due to the fact that there seems to be just as much of a market for ex- Scottish residents in Scottish tourism as there is for people who have never visited Scotland before.

The target group of the campaign has been estimated to be around 25 million and something like 5 million GBP are set to be plunged into this huge project. The government, along with the Scottish tourist board. VisitScotland, are aiming for a return on their investment at a ration of 8:1. Considering the amount of Scots living abroad, along with sometimes-fierce national pride and love of the Scottish soul, this target may not seem so ridiculous. Indeed, it may prove rather modest.

Much of the investment is set to surround advertising, as it always does in such campaigns. There will be a modern-style mailshot in North America comprising of 140.000 targets. In Europe, typical Scottish celebrities and symbols of Scotland are set to be at the focal point of the campaign. Much shall be made of the 250th anniversary of Robert Burn’s night as the poet is at the pinnacle of Scottish folklore. Similarly, Sean Connery and other celebrities appear in adverts promoting ‘homecoming Scotland’ and emblems such as golf, whisky, tartan and haggis shall be splashed across an array of advertising material to help tempt Scottish expats to come and spend money in their country of origin.


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