Chris Grad - Jul 29, 2008

Going on holiday in ones own caravan or any other type of recreational vehicle carries a certain taboo. Many travellers believe it to be a cheap and unmemorable way of spending holiday time without really enjoying the luxuries which vacation is supposed to stand for. It is a fair claim that this attitude is now condemned as snobbish and despite the rising fuel prices RV holidays can prove to be great fun for the whole family, without too much damage to the bank account.


In fact, fuel prices would have to be double the amount they are now for people to lose money on using their own vehicles. This is despite the fact that the cost of fuel has been the subject of complaint in many North American and European countries. It is possible to pay $30-40 for staying in a campground as opposed to $150 for a hotel room. Taking the high standard of modern recreational vehicles into account, the stereotypes involving notions of ‘cheap’ and ‘mean’ are beginning to disappear. Nowadays, such holidaymakers are considered more as clever rather than mean.


A further advantage of recreational vehicle holidays is that families are forced to bond during holiday time. This, of course, can turn out to be negative yet many praise the situation in the end. The saving of money on accommodation and food can lead to families having enough money of the holiday budget left over for them to enjoy other activities perfect for family bonding. Activities such as visiting theme parks or participating in special skiing or canoeing events would most of the time be impossible if money would have to be ploughed into hotels, restaurants and flights. Basically, it is worth dropping the stereotypes and enjoying a holiday in the comfort of your own RV.


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