Bill Alen - Oct 29, 2012

The Royal Household Bureau of the Kingdom of Thailand is persistently preserving Bangkok's royal palaces and some other popular historical landmarks as they remain one of the best tourist attractions in the country. As of today, the Thai government together with the royal family of the Kingdom is now working hand in hand allocating more financial support for the preservation.

From China alone, there are more than one million expected tourists that’ll stay in Bangkok hotels and will also visit several fascinating palaces in the city which were formerly homes to the royal family members. The Grand Palace of Bangkok, Ananta Samakhom Hall, Vinamnek Mansion and the Dusit Parliament House are just some of the living treasures found in the capital city.

The magnificent Grand Palace is definitely the most famous among all other palaces. At night, the Grand Palace looks dazzling and spectacular because of the numerous lights surrounding the entire premises. Built in 1782, the Palace takes pride for its stunning architecture and intricate designs, all of which show the creativity and draftsmanship of the Thai people.

The Ananta Samakhom Hall was where many of Thailand's significant political events took place. This landmark was established in the year 1933 and it became the first chamber of the parliament until 1947. The hall was mainly made up of Italian Renaissance style marble and was designed by Italian architects in the year 1915. Outside the Ananta Hall are displayed handicrafts to honor the majestic Queen Sirikit.
After the leadership of King Rama V,Vimanmek Masion was rarely used and left behind until the Majestic Queen Sirikit decided to have it renovated in the year 1981. The renovation was also to celebrate Bangkok's bicentennial anniversary.

Built in 1900 under King Rama V, Dusit Parliament House on the other hand was known to be largest teakwood mansion not just in Thailand but in the entire world. It officially became a tourist spot in 1985.

Paisal Lomothong, the officer-in-charge appointed by the Royal Household Bureau, gratefully announced that the hall and the mansion had driven more than 700,000 tourists last year. This year, both landmarks are expected to increase their visitors. Every day there are estimated 2,000 tourists visiting the Ananta and Vinamnek, most of them are Chinese guided by English-speaking tour guides and interpreters.

As the tourists find out what things are inside the hall and the mansion, they will also catch a glimpse of Thailand's abundant cultural and political heritage. Inside the Vinamnek Mansion is an exhibit of valuable and priceless items made up of ceramics, crystals, ivory and silverwares.

Alongside the Vinamnek are several houses formerly occupied by the royal family members such as Princess Arunvadi, Princess Krom Luang, Princess Oradaya, Princess Bungsoi Sa-anga and Princess Busban Buaphan. There were also houses which were occasionally used to home the guests of Queen Sirikit. All of the houses including the Chinese pavilion are open for tourists.

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