Cecilia Garland - May 10, 2010

With the new Robin Hood Movie coming out in May, Nottingham and its surrounding areas have become the ultimate adventure destination for all who love the legend. May has been proclaimed the official month of Robin Hood.


The legend of Robin Hood has been glorified for centuries. Several series and films have been made to celebrate the one who helped the poor, including the new Robin Hood movie by Ridley Scott. The great hook is the cast, leading with Academy Award winners Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchet. The movie opens in Australian cinemas nationwide from May 13.

While the world is preparing for the grand premiere, VisitBritain, the UK national tourist office, has declared May the month of Robin Hood. Fans of both the legend and the film are lured to follow the footsteps of the legendary prince of thieves.

The new film was shot on various locations in England and Wales. The beauty and charm lays in the fact that it was here, where the legend was born. The ‘Hood Trail’ which features a downloadable audio trail podcast will take the eager fans along the most relevant places, and into the mysterious Sherwood Forrest. The celebration of the folk hero and the new film goes much further. Visitors will have a chance to observe a proper medieval re-enactment, Robin Hood pageant, participate in the children’s festival and get a taste of the new Robin Hood Beer.

The Nottingham Castle opened an impressive exhibition called Robin Hood – the Movie, which features costumes, props and other behind-the-scenes memorabilia. Visitors to the castle will get a rare chance to see a jousting tournament, and have a lesson in archery. The City of Caves is an absolute must see here. Not only were these hand-carved limestone caves the optimal hide-out for many outlaws, they run under the city and once led to the castle itself.

After a day of following the Robin Hood Trail in the Sherwood Forrest, thirsty visitors should head to Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, deemed to be the oldest pub in England. It is carved out of a castle rock and is undoubtedly a place where the legend of Robin Hood was ‘born and bred’.

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