Pat Hyland - Nov 8, 2021
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Those who have been fully vaccinated will again be allowed to enter the U.S. as tourists from November 8. However, the Corona pandemic has also left more or less clear traces of the price structure in the country.

According to experts, road trips with rented cars and motorcars in particular now cost a lot of money. U.S. tourists are currently paying significantly more for rental car bookings than they did two years ago. According to the analysis, a last-minute booking for December costs an average of US$ 77 per rental day - 46 percent more than in December 2019. The reason for this is a supply shortage due to the reduction of rental car fleets during the pandemic.

Still Expensive Even in Summer

At the same time, providers are trying to compensate for the lost revenue. Both effects would make car rental bookings in the U.S. significantly more expensive for July and August 2022 than in the same period of 2019, namely by 25 and 37 percent, respectively.

Also affected by price increases are motorhomes, which are popular with U.S. travelers. Those who book now for December will pay an average of US$ 142 per day for a camper, which is reportedly 40 percent more than before the pandemic in December 2019.

The price increases for current bookings with travel dates in July or August 2022 are still quantified in comparison at 24 and 30 percent respectively. Again, the data identifies shrunken fleets on the part of suppliers, as well as curbed production capacity at camper manufacturers, as reasons for the price increases.

Accommodations Are Not Price Drivers

At least there is an "all-clear signal" for the costs of U.S. accommodations that are currently being booked: In the case of vacation homes and apartments, the supply analysis finds that prices have only risen by an average of 3 percent compared to 2019.

Be it accommodation, rental cars or mobile homes, experts advise people to use various comparison portals before deciding on an offer. There may well be differences between different portals. A further tip of the consumer protectors: Also, calmly check offers, prices and contract conditions on the websites of the providers themselves. It can sometimes be cheaper.

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