Larry Brain - Mar 20, 2007

The Mexican paradise Riviera Maya has been tipped to become a top destination in the country for this year on the basis of last year"s figures. Indeed, the region’s tourism sector grew at a rate five times that of world tourism in general; a 20.7% increase in profits compared to the 4.5% recorded in overall world tourism growth. Indeed, Maya has become a top destination for luxury travellers.


The region is especially appealing because it represents a perfect balance between man-made structures and natural surroundings. For example, there are recently built canals behind  the world’s second largest coral reef. Apart from the coral reef, compatible in terms of beauty only with the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, there are inland lagoons streaming with colourful fish. This makes perfect scuba diving for children away from the dangers of open water. The Akumal water-filled caverns are sought-after by divers all over the world.


Maya also boasts a range of rainforest jungle hiking tours for nature enthusiasts and a huge variety of sporting activities: golf courses or extreme sports, depending on the visitor"s choice. All of these elements, which the Riviera Maya has to offer, make it the ultimate paradise and explains why it is expected to soar even further in popularity.


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    Riviera Maya (Mexico)

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