Ashley Nault - Dec 20, 2020
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The aim is to simplify the registration for owners, individuals and professionals. Printing and submission to the city council are no longer necessary.

The registration of any tourist accommodation is a legal obligation. It is justified by the need for tourist municipalities to be aware of all available accommodation and to broaden the basis for collecting tourist tax.

Thanks to agreements signed between the "Direction Générale des Entreprises" (DGE) and the "Direction de l'information légale et administrative" (Dila), owners of tourist accommodation, private individuals, or professionals, can now register their tourist accommodation or guest rooms via the Internet.

"The electronic registration will greatly simplify the process," details a press release from the DGE and the Dila. The form filled in by the owner will automatically generate a Cerfa form that will be sent to the relevant local council. “Printing and submission to the local council is no longer necessary," the document states.

However, the procedure may vary from one town to another. "This procedure does not apply to tourist accommodation located in a city applying the registration number procedure (Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, etc.) which already have their own Internet procedure via their respective websites".

The aim of this simplification is "to make the procedure better known to users and to offer local authorities more efficient digital processing and a faster service", explain the DGE and the Dila.

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