Ashley Nault - Jun 15, 2010
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Clean The World, a Florida-based company has been recycling used soaps and shampoos from hotels all over the U.S. to help save millions of lives lost to dirty life conditions.


At the beginning of 2009, two travelling businessmen, Shawn Seipler and Paul Till, both up to 200 days a year on the road, started wondering what happens to the millions of bars of soap and the tiny little shampoo bottles which are left behind in hotel rooms. They realized that it is a major waste and all the cleaning products should be put to better use. They started the company Clean The World to help save millions of lives.

Many deadly diseases can often be stopped from spreading by simply washing one’s hands. Nearly two million children die each year from respiratory infections and diverse kinds of diarrheal disease. Using soap proves to be a simple and very effective solution, however, in many countries soap is something one only dreams of. And the road warriors, Mr. Seipler and Mr. Till decided to change that.

Within a year, they managed to link over 200 hotels and B&B’s that are willing to recycle half-used bottles of shampoo and soap. After fifteen months in operation, Clean The World has already used over 4 million soap bars and 200,000 pounds of shampoo and conditioner. The company is trying to reach out to areas around the world where hygiene is crucial for survival, as well as homeless shelters around the U.S. When Haiti was struck by the massive earthquake, many recycled soaps were sent there.

The initiative is spreading and is already gaining considerable international attention – which is exactly what Clean The World needs. The more hotels join in to become part of the scheme, the more help will get to people who really need it.

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  1. Recycled Soap

    Godo for them. I've been wondering about this for a while.

    Cynthia (USA)
  2. This is simply wonderful idea. I love it. So simple and so smart. I believe there are even more things that might be easily recycled from the hotels. This is a great start.

    Tom (France)
  3. Recycled hotel soap can ave milionsof lives

    Great idea! Anyone willing to start something like this in Europe?

    Debora (Italy)

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