Andrea Hausold - Jul 9, 2012

Qatar Holding already signed an agreement with Jerantas Sdn Bhd, its Malaysian partner, in order for them to be able to build a hotel in Butik Bintang shopping district. In addition to this, other hotels such as the Doha-based company also signed an agreement with Malaysian partners for a hotel in the same location.

According to them, the plan is to open Harrods hotels in famous cities in Kuala Lumpur, Paris, China and even New York. Of course, preference will be given to Qatar Holdings and its affiliates like Chelsea Barracks or Costa Smeralda.

Qatar Holding aims in making Harrods a global enterprise. All hotels will be of top of the line quality which can be defined by luxury retail and leisure sectors. The whole staff and crew will be carefully hand picked by the upper operations and quality customer service is ensured to all customers. In addition to this, all equipment that is offered by the hotel will be technologically advanced making sure that the stay of each tourist unforgettable.

Hussain Ali al-Abdulla, the present Vice Chairman of Qatar Holding, said that Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is the target of many hotel owners like them because its economy is dramatically growing. Furthermore, the economy of Kuala Lumpur is expected to grow even more in the coming years because of all the different activities tourists can do while checked in the city.

Constructions will begin within a year. There is a 5.5 acre site, approximately 2.2 hectares, that is ready for hotel construction in Kuala Lumpur. The budget is said to be about 2 billion ringgit . That much money will be utilized to build as many as 300 hotel rooms, apartments and of course, retail space.

Last 2010, Qatar Holding bought the famous London department store from an Egyptian born businessman named Mohamed al-Fayed which was reported to be a deal worth 1.5 billion Pounds. The sale was the end of the ownership of Fayed who became the department store’s honorary chairman.

Fayed, also the owner of Fulham English soccer club, started to run Harrods in 1985 where he bought it for 615 million Pounds when the store was still owned by a group called House of Fraser. He waged a long campaign which revolved around him claiming that his son Dodi died with Princess Diana in the famous car crash in Paris in 1997 were murdered because of conspiracy.

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