Alec Hills - Jan 25, 2010
A Czech hotel company EuroAgentur Hotels & Travel tries to lure Jewish tourists to Prague offering them a stay at the first Czech kosher hotel. Prague’s history has been connected with the Jewish community for a long time. There are many Jewish sights as well as kosher restaurants in the Czech capital. There was, however, no kosher hotel in the country until the end of the last year.According to a Czech daily, a hotel suitable for orthodox Jews seemed as a good idea especially in time of the global crises that has reduced the number of foreign tourists coming to Prague significantly. Earnings per room dropped by 45 per cent in year to year comparison last September. This situation made EuroAgentur Hotels & Travel to convert their four star hotel in Žitná street to an orthodox Jew-friendly venue.“We have consulted many tour operators who specialize in the Jewish clientele about the matter. Of course we had to study the strict rules of this religion,” said Viliam Sivek, the manager of the EuroAgentur Hotels & Travel. The fifty-room hotel now offers certified kosher meals and its equipment also allows the guests to hold Shabbat. The hotel even has one room transformed into a synagogue so that the guests do not need to leave the facility to visit one of Prague’s synagogues.A rabbi living in the hotel supervises the preparation and serving of kosher meals. Four foreign specialists prepare the meals for which some ingredients need to be imported to the hotel from Vienna and Paris.


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