Pat Hyland - Sep 2, 2008

It has become a very commonly used phrase in the worldwide tourism industry relating to tourists grabbing opportunities to enjoy summer holidays at the minimum of expense: last minute. The phrase has even become so popular and the method of selling has even become so successful that most European languages don’t even bother translating it. The last minute industry is the most successful branch of tourism in the modern age. It has allowed even the poorest of families to see the world and has allowed the travel agencies to earn a fortune in the meantime.


Egypt is a country that has made the most of the last minute phenomenon, selling itself to mostly European agencies for very reasonable prices. The Egyptians have gone into the world of modern tourism with the attitude that quality is important, yet quantity is even more important. Egypt, along with Tunisia and Turkey, offers 4 or 5 star accommodation at a price which Western European cities struggle to offer bed-sits at. It is possible to enjoy a good trip at a cost of €500, which would barely suffice for 3 days or so in some European cities.


However, the main benefactors of the low-cost last minute tourism league are said to be the Portuguese. Some even say that such methods of selling have as much as saved the Portuguese tourism industry. Low-cost carriers now have more destinations in Portugal than anywhere else in Europe. They now operate at a minimum of 3 major airports. Lisbon, perhaps as a result of this, is only second to Barcelona as the Europe’s most visited coastal city. Even more impressively, even since a record figure of 12.8 million visitors was recorded in Portugal in 2006, the figure has been continuing to rise, mostly thanks to the low-cost policies.


  1. (Becarefull reading the article)

    It would be very nice if lisbon could be the second most visited city after barcelona...but i believe you have forgoten cities like Paris, Madrid, London, Rome, ...you name it...

    Regarding the low cost theme, especially the Faro Airport as grown alot since the low cost carriers started to make connections with the main markets. Weekly Faro receives/departs around 400 to and from the UK being most of the airplanes low costed.

    (Hope you can still make a correction of the article.)

    best regards,

  2. Thanks for the comment - Lisbon is second most visited only among the coastal cities in Europe.

  3. I am usual reader of tourism review i feel very happy that for first time you mention Portugal. Theres much more to stay about this small country, that i wish that this just the starting point. Best Regards

  4. Great that Portugal making it! But agents "making a fortune'? Are you nuts?


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