Michael Trout - Aug 30, 2010

Lake Havasu on the border of Arizona and California has been a very popular holiday destination. However, after the release of the new film Piranha 3D, which was made here, things appear to be different.


Tourist attractions and popular landmarks can never get enough of promotion and marketing. Being the setting of a movie is usually a great honor and a fantastic advertising opportunity, however, in the case of Lake Havasu, the situation seems quite different. Lake Havasu was chosen for shooting the recently released Piranha 3D and all of a sudden, tourists are concerned.

The beautiful lake lies on the border of Arizona and California and has been a very popular holiday destination. Even though the old cliché says ‘there’s no such thing as bad press’ in the case of Piranha 3D, it may be otherwise. As soon as the movie was released, worried visitors started making serious enquiries about piranhas in the lake. Moreover, many were concerned enough not to wet their toes in its waters.

When visitors started asking whether there are still piranhas in the lake, locals replied with a smile on their face. However, as questions and concerns multiply, hotel owners are worried the piranha scare will endanger their business. Lake Havasu is a popular spring break destination; it has its own London Bridge and is a popular resort.

Piranha are a tropical species and that is why it is impossible to find any here, yet after the 3D experience, tourists have their doubts. The local tourism services providers hope that these concerns are just the first and only wave which will soon disappear and the visitors will swim in Lake Havasu without worries again.

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