Kevin Eagan - Sep 30, 2008

In today’s amazingly competitive environment, where almost everybody in the developed world runs around like a headless chicken desperately trying to pay the mortgage and for the new car, technology is becoming more and more important.


Nowadays, it is almost unthinkable for many businessmen and women to not check their email for an hour, let alone a whole day. Some even admit taking their PDA systems to bed. The biggest workaholics even let slip that they take a look during the night at their message boxes when they suddenly wake up. PDA systems basically ensure that clients are not lost through neglecting received messages.


According to a new work-life study from Sheraton Hotels & Resorts that surveyed people in USA, China, Germany, UK and Australia, the Chinese are the most affected, as 95% of Chinese businessmen take their PDA systems to bed with them. Americans feel they need to be connected 85% of the time, whereas an amazing 27% of business people on a global scale say they prefer their PDA to their spouse! This global obsession with technology and many peoples´ inabilities to be without it means that the tourism industry has to adapt.


Thus, hotel rooms without Wifi are now considered to be of second-class quality. Likewise, the Internet in hotels has become so basic that hotels rarely dare to charge for it anymore. On a similar note, most airlines are beginning to offer in flight Internet services, the first of which is American Airlines. We could even say that nowadays the Wifi sign on hotel advertising material is more important than the amount of stars it has. The Internet leaves people without an excuse for not working when on holiday.


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