Theodore Slate - Apr 28, 2009
Singapore fights off the drop in numbers of visitors by offering a one night stay for only one dollar. Along with this offer come also other benefits that are part of the promotional Singapore Stopover Package. The number of visitors coming to Singapore is falling and the officials expect the state’s GDP to drop by 9 per cent this year. Singapore Airlines reported a 17 per cent drop in the number of passengers in February. They managed to fill only 69.4 per cent of their seats last month. Naturally also the occupancy rates at local hotels are dropping. Even bookings for the Formula One Week are down compared to the last year. It is likely that the hospitality industry will have to decrease the ever rising prices. To change the situation Singapore Airlines (SIA), in cooperation with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and with the Singapore Changi Airport started to promote Singapore stopovers. They offer the Fabulous Singapore Stopover Package, which includes numerous benefits. A SIA traveler may stay at a hotel for just US$1 for the first night. There is a list of six hotels from which the visitor may choose. There are twin rooms and the price is per person. The guests may also pick a more expensive hotel for US$20, US$30 or US$40 for the first night. The package also includes US$7 vouchers for shopping and dining at Changi Airport, free admission to numerous tourism attractions like e.g. the Singapore Zoo or the Malay Heritage Centre. There is also the free SingTel Prepaid Mobile hi!Card as well as various discounts. The promotion started on April 15 and will end on September 30, 2009.Singapore officials hope the promotion campaign will help the ailing Singapore tourism industry and that it will make tourists stopover in Singapore more often. Local experts warn however that the campaign may help Singapore tourism in short term but the real improvement will come only with the improvement of the global economy. Related:HOTEL ROOM FOR LESS THAN 1 DOLLAR? WHY NOT?Top 10 Airports to Spend Your Night At

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