Daniel A. Tanner - Jul 2, 2012
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One of the biggest problems a traveler can have is wear to rest after landing from a flight. As a solution, airport operators have opened micro hotels where guests can get a short shut eye before moving on to another flight or while waiting for people to fetch them. This concept is based on the concept of the Japanese which is the “capsule hotel”. The cabins in these micro hotels are small and travelers will literally sleep in a box. However, despite the size of these cabins, the rooms are comfortable and everyone will get their well deserved rest.

Over the past few years, many places have adopted the idea. From London to Moscow and even Philadelphia and Dubai, micro hotels are a great investment. Airport terminals are the most ideal locations. Here are some of the best micro hotels which have proven that size does has nothing to do with value.

Yotel started with London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports way back 2007. Many experts say that Yotel is one of the first of its kind as a first class airline cabin. People who have tried it described it as a mix of train compartment plus space ship. The small units contain single and double beds along side a work desk just in case visitors need to check their e-mail or need to accomplish some sort of paper work before hitting the sack. Bathrooms are available per room as well. The cabins will cost tourists just 39 US dollars for 4 hours and 93 US dollars over night. This is a very good deal already. Yotel also has hotels in New York with slightly bigger rooms but with a similar concept.

Napcabs are self service booths which can be found in Terminal 2 of Munich Airport. The booths are 4 square meters and that already includes a desk, a bed, air conditioning, internet access and a television as well. At present there are six cabins in operation. However, because of its success, more cabins will be added in the near future, hopefully, in other airports all over the world as well. The minimum charge is at 38 US dollars. Sleepbox is similar to the Napcabs because of size. It is also 4 square meters. One Sleepbox contains 2 bunk beds, enough bedside tables, outlets for charging gadgets like cellular phones, tablets and laptops, reading amps and a television and alarm clock upon request. A model Sleepbox was placed in Aeroexpress terminal of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport last August and tourists will be able to use it once all 60 units are installed properly and working. The minimum time a traveler can stay at a Sleepbox is 30 minutes to one hour. One hour costs 15 US dollars for all the commodities listed above. Good deal, indeed.

Moving over to Asia, SnoozeCubes are available at the Dubai International Airport. SnoozeCube will give a traveler the best rest ever with its soundproof room with a comfortable bed, touchscreen TV and free internet access. As of today, there are 10 units of SnoozeCube available which costs 16 US dollars per hour.

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