William Law - Apr 24, 2007

India has, for many years, been attracting cultural heritage visitors, who admire its rich history its unusual architecture, and its great traditions. Recently, however, adventure tourists have been arriving. More and more companies are trying to establish extreme sport opportunities, and paragliding is proving to be a winner. India has already gained a favorable reputation as a suitable place to practise this exciting activity and it is an ideal location, with large valleys,  green hills, and beautiful vistas.


One of the major sites for this kind of "flying’ is Himachal Pradesh, with some striking panoramic views of the Dhauladhar ranges. Another popular spot is at Bandla Ridge, at a height of 2,600 feet, and a third, Garhwal, has already been described as a paraglider’s paradise and is excellent for both beginners and experienced paragliders.


There are various packages available, starting with a one-day beginner’s course, which includes an exciting instructional tandem flight, some ground handling and also a solo flight. If this experience does not suffice, clients may choose the basic course, which lasts about four days.

Higher level courses extend over longer periods and prices are set accordingly. There is a  minimum age which varies from company to company (14 is most common), and also, some health requirements are necessary. Individuals with heart disease are likely to not be accepted, as well as those suffering from severe back problems.


For those who fall in love with this fun activity, companies throughout India have designed special holiday packages which include paragliding, accommodation, food and many other services.


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