Vanderlei J. Pollack - Jan 15, 2008

Many holiday makers invest a lot of their time and money into inventing new, appealing destinations for their holiday. However, those who are not exactly fond of crowds may face a slight difficulty as the tourist industry has been rapidly growing. More and more people are keen on traveling and exploring the planet. One of the precious, lonely places still unspoilt by incoming hordes of travelers is Papua New Guinea (PNG). Especially active adventure seekers will find this land a paradise.


PNG is located to the north-east of Australia and it is easily accessible, as direct and fairly frequent flights operate their links between PNG’s capital Port Moresby and Brisbane. This remote country is unique for many reasons. Ecotourism has great potential here, the nature is fascinating. Furthermore, local traditional culture and way of life have remained unchanged for centuries.


Trekking, mountain climbing and bushwalking are the most appealing activities the visitors will appreciate. The mighty mountains, pure rivers and thick forests are well preserved. The most attractive region for such fun sports are the Highlands. Mt Wilhelm and Mt Hagen belong to the most frequented peaks to climb.


Even surfing enthusiasts have recently discovered the true value of PNG. The ideal season to enjoy surfing here is between June and September; the waves at the Hula Beach are deemed quite attractive.


Visiting Papua New Guinea is not only about adventure and sports or nature. It is also a perfect opportunity to learn about local culture. There are several festivals here, held by three contrasting cultures: Tufi, Papuan Gulf, and Gogodala. Even mere observation of local villages takes one far back in time, as local way of life is almost untouched by the western civilization. The most famous festivals are the Tufi Culture Festival or the Papuan Gulf mask festival.


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