Anna Luebke - Feb 26, 2008

It happens to almost every traveler. Carrying bags, waiting in long queues, the sweat pouring from the brow and most would just love to throw away a number of items from their luggage to relieve a large amount of stress. However, many of these items are necessary to keep and cannot be randomly discarded and these include items needed for taking care of children whilst on holiday. The problem for many passengers, especially from the UK, is that they struggle to find their preferred brands at foreign resorts. A further factor is that many are unwilling to waste valuable holiday browsing through unknown supermarkets and shops. Surely the only solution is to take the necessary goods with you? Actually: not anymore.


Thanks to the services of companies such as and Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts, it is now possible for tourists with children to do their shopping before they set off on their journeys. The idea is based on customers ordering the goods via the internet, allowing for or Jumeirah to arrange the delivery of the goods to hotels and other final destinations, then being completely satisfied that the shopping has been done and nobody has been burdened with a large shopping load.


A further advantage of such a scheme is that the prices are comparable with the UK high street, so absolutely everybody is a winner. Staying with financial aspects, the reduction in the weight of the luggage means getting charged less by budget airlines, which tend to be very strict with oversize luggage. Both of the afore-mentioned companies cater for passengers in around 90 countries, including the UK. Dubai, London and New York are so far the most common markets for this relatively new branch of the tourism industry. It seems that worrying about taking everything necessary for your child on holiday could become worries of the past thanks to online pre-ordering.


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