Sara Thopson - Sep 4, 2007

Situated in British Colombia, the winter tourism heaven Whistler has recently been soaring in popularity and is set to experience its greatest hour in 2010 when it plays a significant part in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and Paralympics.


It is naturally blessed as being one of the best skiing and snowboarding areas in the world. Very high snow-capped mountains are warmed by surrounding ocean and provide a paradise for enthusiasts of winter sports. Whistler is in the largest skiing area of North America and compares to the European Alps. The decision to include Whistler in the list of venues to stage events at the Vancouver Olympics has caused a certain amount of chaos and panic leading up to the world-famous event. There is a new element of urgency amongst the locals.


It is now believed that more people will turn up to the Olympic events in 2010 than earlier expected. This has put the housing situation of the area’s 10.000 employees under serious threat. Furthermore, it has been suggested that reporters may have to be housed in trailers and schools. As a further piece of help, a cruise ship is most likely to be moored in the nearby port of Squamish. This will be part of the effort to deal with such an influx of people in one go. Last season saw the amount of tourists, mostly skiers, coming to Whistler rise by 7%. The season before saw a slightly smaller rise, at 5%. This steady trend is almost certain to continue in the run-up to 2010. Advertising campaigns are certain to heat up to the extent that Whistler could even become the ski capital of the world with the Olympic Games being the main catalyst.


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