William Law - Aug 3, 2009
A bunker used by the British during World War Two is now being used as a normal four-bedroom bungalow. The view from the grassy rooftop is said to be one of the most spectacular in Britain. It has a 360-degree view of Land’s End, but with a much different purpose than just over half a century ago. World War II tourism has been on the rise in many parts of the world in recent times, especially in Europe. The Hitler tours in Munich are gaining popularity and concentration camps such as Auschwitz have more and more visitors every year. On a similar note, submarine and shipwrecks continue to attract a number of divers and the amount of WW II museums around Europe is growing at an alarming rate. However, few would have thought that an old bunker at England’s southern tip would attract so much attention, especially when it was being used as a storage area for potatoes.Recently, a private speculator bought the Cornish bunker and turned it into a holiday home near the famous point of Land’s End. The big draw in the purchase was the spectacular view from the roof. Whereas the view used to help to keep an eye out for Nazi ships, it is used nowadays for simply watching the world go by. It has been turned into an ordinary bungalow and is not as dark as one would expect. The site is currently being marketed for almost three times the price it was bought for, with the view being a major ploy. Naturally, it is an ideal hideaway as one can be as cut off as possible. Using it merely as potato storage, as it was for so long, seems such a waste as it has now become a holiday home. Related:FORMER BUNKER: HOTEL WITH NO STARS IN SWITZERLAND


  1. Funny, I like innovative ideas and people. The whole Europe is full of bunkers and people usually don't know what to do with them. Often they are turned to night clubs because they are quite sound proof. But a hotel or holiday home? Why not.


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