Andrew J. Wein - Mar 30, 2009

Famous drink, along with golf, now provides huge benefits for Scottish tourism. Whisky now has a global appeal.

If one were to imagine tourism involving drinks, then it is almost certain that images of fine wines and Belgian beers would spring to mind. Many, unjustifiably, ignore Scotland’s tradition in the field of whisky. Besides golf, tartan, Sean Connery and haggis, whisky is the most famous thing to come out of Scotland. Despite the fact that the USA has grabbed a lot of attention in this particular area of tourism, Scotland still has a foothold near the top of the league.

One million tourists visited Scotland last year in search of the finest amber liquid on the planet, spending GBP 25 million (€26.8m) in the process. The whisky route is not only a very enjoyable experience in a beautiful country, yet also original and something participants can remember for the rest of their lives. That is, they will remember it if they do not try to taste too many types of whisky. The Scottish tourist boards, unsurprisingly, have seen this as a great opportunity to make more money and to get more people to Scotland.

A lot of money has been invested in to creating new facilities for whisky lovers. These include luxury accommodation, luxury trips and a plethora of memorabilia related to the acclaimed beverage. The luxury accommodation, naturally, appeals to the richer whisky enthusiasts, which is much more beneficial to the industry. There are now new possibilities of sampling rare bottles of whisky for the very well informed and the amount of whisky tourists in Scotland is expected to double in the next 3 years. Extensive marketing campaigns will, naturally, help. The national Whisky tourism organisation, Scotlandwhisky has announced that visitors on whisky routes have this year, despite the crisis, increased to 1.2 million, or 12%.




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