Sara Thopson - Jul 27, 2009
During the Cold War, the Ronald Reagan Minuteman site in North Dakota could have been the place to bring about the end of the world. Nowadays, it is becoming one of that areas’ most popular tourists sites, unearthing secrets and destroying myths. It certainly belongs to one of the world’s psychological sites, a little like visiting Ground Zero in New York: the Minuteman site in North Dakota is nothing much in terms of aesthetics, yet its psychological power is beginning to draw the crowds. When the USA and the USSR were not on best terms, US soldiers used to sit underground monitoring 10 Minuteman III nuclear missiles with the aim of waiting for the order to basically destroy their Soviet enemies. At the same time, they knew that revenge would be served just as cold. The living quarters, 60ft. above the missile area, looks just the same today as it did all those years ago. It is a true time capsule perfect for fascinating visitors.Visitors can grab an idea of the extent of the boredom, which the US soldiers had to endure. In around 30 years, there were just a few scares yet nothing more. Contrary to popular belief, there was no “red button” and the launch process would have been a lot more complicated. This myth was never quashed until the top secret location became public not so long ago.Visits have been encouraging to say the least. This year’s numbers are expected to surpass the 22,000 of last year and the target is to have around 220,000 people pass through the area in years to come. Marketing expertise is needed to let people know that one of the world’s previously top secret places now wishes to have exactly the opposite reputation. Related:A-BOMB DOME: SILENT WITNESS TO NUCLEAR PAST Dysfunctional Nuclear Plant Now an Attraction


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