Wayne M. Gore - Apr 29, 2008

Wellness spas and relaxing centers are currently enjoying a very intense popularity worldwide. People seem to finally understand, that the stressful lives they lead need to be balanced out by some good quality relaxation time. There is one thing which by far exceeds even the best effect of all mood baths and cucumber wraps or aromatherapies – sleep. Nothing is better for our physical health than a good night’s sleep. That is, however, problematic for some people. The market replies immediately – sleep industry is the real thing these days.


It is not only about lying down, closing the eyes and drifting off. Apparently, the whole setting of the ‘scene’ is very crucial, so are the pillows and mattresses. People with serious sleep problems are willing to give anything to be able to get proper rest and luckily, there are enough facilities now to meet their need.


The Americans are usually very quick in responding to the calls of potential customers. Canyon Ranch, a very well reputed wellness company, was the pioneer in the sleep business. They created a whole program, which starts at a sleep lab, where tests are run in order to find out what may be the cause of the client’s sleep trouble. Subsequently a detailed program is created for them, which combines a balance of therapy, exercise and even consulting the nutritionist.


Red Mountain Spa in Utah even organized Sweet Art of Sleep Seduction workshops, which include experimental discussions. The goal is to resolve what the ideal sleep environment is, what kind of music is the most soothing, what are the best pre-bed stretches, and such.


Europe has been a bit slower, yet now the spas and wellness centers are replying to this new trend. The very popular Fortina Spa Resort in Malta presents an ideal example. It offers sleep-inducing equipment worth $ 4,500 per room – including magnetic mattresses, pillows and duvet. Magnetizing actually relieves the body of all aches and with the right amount of healthy food, pre-ed stretching, calming music and comfortable setting anyone will fall asleep like a baby.


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