Tourism Review News Desk - Nov 21, 2006
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Northern Ireland is becoming a popular destination for nature lovers, golf enthusiasts and fishermen. The Lonely Planet dedicated a very complimentary chapter to Northern Ireland in a recent edition, listing it as a hot destination and its capital Belfast as one of the major “cities on the rise”. The fact that the country is relatively undiscovered are considered to be attractive features.



Irish countryside is dotted with ruined castles providing some very attractive scenery for visitors. The Northern Irish windswept moors, mountains and lakes are also focal points for tourists. Indeed, Lough Neagh is the biggest lake on the British Isles, often a favorite destination for fishing enthusiasts. Travel is easy and comfortable in Northern Ireland as the roads are in excellent condition and nobody is ever more than half an hour from the sea. The only thing resembling a traffic jam, which is such a typical sight across the water in England, is the amount of grazing sheep and cattle in the countryside.



Northern Ireland has also been given international recognition for its famous fairways from championship course. The setting is perfect with many courses set amongst cliffs and rolling green hills. Indeed, Maureen Wheeler, a co-founder of Lonely Planet, commented that the nature of her country is simply astonishingly beautiful.

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