Gary Diskin - Apr 11, 2011

The region around the confluence of rivers Rhine and Moselle is wonderful. There are castles, pubs, vineyards, simply things tourists are fond of. North Rhine-Westphalia is definitely worth visiting.


Despite the fact that it starts in Switzerland, the Rhine is a national river for Germans. Also, the region between the cities of Bingen and Koblenz is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The region is a symbol of German romantics. It is an area where the famous Nibelungenlied (The Song of the Nibelungs) takes place. Another famous character from the region is Lorelei, who became immortal in the poem by Heinrich Heine. She was said to sit on the bank of the river and lure sailors to their doom on the rocks.

No matter how the visitors get to North Rhine-Westphalia they will certainly enjoy the region. They can stop at one of the numerous pubs and try wine from local vineyards. They should not miss the castles there too. Only two of them remained in its original shape. Pfalzgrafenstein on a river island by the town of Kaub is one of them. The other one is Marksburg near the town of Braubach. The fortifications were enlarged several times during the Middle Ages and there are also big cannons in the castle. Thanks to them, the castle was never conquered.

The city of Koblenz is a traditional starting point for trips to the region. There are interesting sights such as the Elector’s palace, Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, Florinsmarkt or Jesuitenplatz. The huge equestrian statue of Emperor William I of Germany is famous too. The statue is located in ‘Deutsches Eck’ (German Corner) at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle, which was named after the Teutonic Knights who were given the area in 13th century. Undeniably, the region has a lot to offer to tourists. Visitors can choose from historic monuments to delicious wine.

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