Daniel A. Tanner - Sep 24, 2013
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Italy is a truly alluring country, with its unique combination of rural rusticity and urban verve. From the ancient grandeur of Rome to the timeless Tuscan hills, Italy's diversity makes it one of the world's most popular tourist destinations.

Just to the west of the neo-classical beauty of cultural Turin lies the serene municipality of Prageleto, which translates as 'icy meadow'. Situated in the upper Val Chisone, Pragaleto is arguably Northern Italy's premier skiing destination, blanketed with thick, brilliant white snow during the winter months.

Club Med's latest resort promises all the warmth of an Italian welcome, within the cosy and comforting environs of your own wood-panelled chalet. Waking from a deep sleep amongst thick bedding, enjoy a traditional Italian breakfast or 'colazione' of fresh espresso, orange juice and warm pastries after an invigorating hot shower.

As the sun rises over the pine forests, you have the luxury of a whole day in front of you. Do you take a hike through the natural splendour of the valley, accompanied by a guide, who will explain the history and heritage of the place, or will you relax and unwind at the resort spa?

Whatever you decide, skiing in Prageleto is the real draw. Helped by professional instructors, or perhaps left to your own devices, you will be able to enjoy the stunning skiing on offer in the Italian Alps, gliding down the crisp white slopes at your own pace, kitted out with top-of-the-range equipment.

The winter wonderland of Northern Italy can be experienced in no better way; spend your holiday enjoying the dazzling sun on your back and the crunch of fresh snow underfoot, whizzing past the pine trees.

After a day spent honing your skills, delicious freshly cooked Italian food with a regional flavour can be found at the onsite restaurants, or you might like to take your time with a warming glass of red wine and a good book at La Dolce Vita lounge bar. Maybe you’ll even opt for a fun-filled evening of laughter at the resort nightclub, dancing the night away with friends?

For those who would like to spend quiet time with their families, there can be no better place than the warm embrace of your own private living room, cuddling up in thick jumpers and lovely woollen slippers. Whatever you preference, Pregeleto is certainly one of Italy’s frozen delights.

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