Denise Chen - Apr 17, 2007

Tourism revenue in the United States in general grew last year by 8%. However, the growth in North Carolina was particularly impressive. The state was visited by no less than 45 million people and ended up 6th in the US on the list of top destinations. North Carolina is very much a rural state, relying on the farming industry and generally far-removed from the urban style of life. Nowadays, the situation is changing and around 187,000 people are now employed in tourism related positions throughout the state.


The state organisations spend around $3 million per annum on advertising campaigns to promote North Carolina’s British and American Indian period of history. North Carolina boasts and hosts numerous international events every year to attract culture tourists. These include: the North Carolina Shakespeare festival, the wine festival and the much celebrated state fair, the latter being a 10 day event held in October and attracting large numbers of participants and visitors.


The state is blessed with miles of unspoilt beaches whose backdrop is the world famous Blue Ridge Mountains. Here, there is something for every tourist visiting North Carolina, and few will leave disappointed.


Above all, it is affordable and easily accessible by air, rail and road.


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