Kevin Eagan - Oct 1, 2012

While many people enjoy traveling with family, other vacationers can be quickly frustrated with a constant stream of young children. Adults who go on holiday usually seek out locations where there are less likely to be families in order to enjoy a quieter and more peaceful environment. This has led several resorts to completely ban children under the age of 12.

One such place is the Akyra Chura Samui, a Thai luxury hotel. This hotel is hoping to increase their flow of adult tourists and has created a niche for couples-oriented holidays. While this is only the second resort in Thailand offering adult-only vacations, it is a trend that is quickly catching on.

The French resort chain Club Med has also hopped on board this train by making renovations to its resort in Malaysia, the Cherating Beach Resort. At this location, there is a pool area called a Zen Space that is off-limits for children. Here, adults can go to enjoy some quiet time and not worry about their own or other people's children.

While hotels are under pressure to create adult-only resorts and spaces, the airline industry is also growing to fill this growing need. In July, Malaysia Airlines began restricting children from going into the upper deck economy aircraft on some of their longer flights. The reason was that these upstairs economy seats were only available to business passengers and children would not be appropriate in these areas.

This was not the first time that this airline has made adult-friendly spaces in their flights. They recently banned infants from being in the first-class cabins. This decision was made after many of the first-class passengers complained that they were being disturbed by crying babies.

Adult-only accommodation is available in many parts of the world, including the Caribbean Islands which are a popular honeymoon destination. The Sandals resorts, Secret Resorts, and the Ibero Hotels and Resorts primarily target adults who want to spend their vacations away from their children or who are trying to enjoy a romantic time with just each other.

While such decision may cause some negative effects on the companies, many resorts have actually benefitted. For instance, the Bucuti and Tara Resort in Aruba has found that their occupancy rates soared since they began making more adult-friendly vacations possible.

While some families may not always enjoy these restrictions, there are still many vacation spots available for families with young children. Overall, it seems like a positive move for both vacationers and the resorts. Not only can families enjoy being in an atmosphere that is more open to children, couples and older individuals will also be able to enjoy a more adult atmosphere on their vacations. This trend has been popular and will probably grow in the future.

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