Bill Alen - Jun 24, 2008

Despite the horror images of 09/11 still lingering in mind, the Big Apple has not followed the trend on most American cities and is enjoying a boost in the number of visitors and revenue. Indeed, 2007 was a record year, when 46 million tourists were recorded in New York, creating revenue of $28 million. A $30 million global communications campaign seems to have a degree of success, yet the other reasons for the boom in New York tourism lie elsewhere.


Firstly, there is the extremely important factor of the weak dollar. Tourists from all over the world, especially the ones with either Euro or the British pound are now getting almost twice as much in dollars for their currency than they were seven years ago. Such a drastic change in the exchange office now makes the US a relatively cheap destination. A further factor, in terms of foreign relations, is that the US government has recently made a number of changes to visa requirements for a large amount of foreign nationals.


On the domestic front, it is said that New York has never been so easy to navigate, more welcoming, safer or more vibrant. The five boroughs of New York City have almost anything to offer, leaving American and foreign tourists with plenty to do on their visits. These factors have lead New York City mayor Bloomberg to announce his expectations of 50 million visitors three years ahead of plan, in 2012. This figure was originally expected by 2015, yet few expected such results for this year. As the infrastructure and size of the city increase and improve, the mayor has plenty of reason for such optimism.


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