Larry Brain - Jan 16, 2007

China has been long known as a country with rich historical background and amazing culture. However, a new trend in tourism has been developing in China: several regions are drawing attention of tour operators dealing with adventure tourism.



The Xinijang Uygur Atonomous Region is expected to attract approximately 50 – 70 thousand tourists each year. There are several routes of adventure tourism designed to meet a true enthusiast’s demands. Moreover, several spectacular sights, such as The Silk Road, Tianshan Mountains or the Takla Makan desert are included on these routes.



Tourists may either use a private or a hired car or join organized groups in order to get into remote areas. It is also possible to pre-design a trip via the internet. Since this kind of tourism has been quickly gaining popularity in China, business of outdoor sports facilities and adventure tourist rescue teams are developing rapidly. In Urumqui, the capital city of the Xinijang Uygur Region, 30 shops offering outdoor sport equipment have already opened.



The China adventure tours try to present the charms of Chinese unique character in a comfortable way, avoiding big buses and demanding itineraries that leave no space for individual free time. The trip schedule is designed in order to allow each adventurer to absorb the beauties of sights visited when  cycling to remote villages, to trekking through deep gorges or rafting down the wild rivers and climbing the mighty mountains.


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