Samuel Dorsi - Jul 21, 2007

As the population on our planet grows and the tourism industry develops, there are more and more spas as well as spa-goers. Spas are increasingly popular and the trend is going to continue. There are still new spas emerging as well as new spa services. Spas are not only a place where you can get a massage; it is also a hub of social mingling. There are various new trends in the spa industry.


Home spas are very popular. People can buy special spa equipment to their bathrooms. Things like hydro therapeutic showers, tubs and glass tiles allow everyone to enjoy spa treatment at home. In some countries, spas are mainly health facilities. In other states, spas are primarily frequented by affluent women looking for a week’s worth of pampering. The trend nowadays is again coming back to the medical. Spas are offering post-op rehabilitation in cooperation with hospitals. Some hospitals may include various spa treatments in their practice. It is believed that quick spa treatments offered at the bedside of a patient initiate the patient towards better health, by relieving stress and raising spirits. Among the health spa services are also management programs which help the clients overcome and deal with chronic pain. These are services like therapeutic massage, acupuncture, heat therapy and so on. In some spas, they offer simple dental procedures. Spas provide programs helping to lose weight or teaching youngsters about healthy lifestyle. These programs include fitness activities and it also targets healthy eating habits.


The move towards the health spas is not the only trend. It is expected that there will be a continuous mixing of various spa treatments. Nowadays we already have mixtures like watsu (water and shiatsu) or yogalates (yoga and pilates). Other future development is seen in number of male spa costumers. It is believed that more men will go to spas and the market is going to reflect this demand by creating more facilities meant for men.


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