James Morris - Mar 27, 2007

India is one of the biggest film producers in the world. Since 1931, when talkies were introduced, they have produced more than 67,000 films in 30 languages. There are some 1200 movies made each year in this country and some of them are very popular abroad.

The most famous place where films are shot in India is Bollywood, in Mumbai (former Bombay). Mumbai is located in Maharashtra, which is India"s third largest state in terms of area and second largest in terms of population. The Indian Tourism Ministry and the Maharashtra government are looking to create private or public partnerships to promote Bollywood Tourism.



Some tour operators enable tourists to watch movie-making in real studios. Operators charge around US $100 or 3900 rupees per head for a day’s guided studio tour.  Tourists can observe the production of a movie scene in a film studio or a television soap shoot on location. Visitors can also watch actors and technicians create scenes or they can watch and learn in-situ dubbing, sound-editing and other special movie effects. Most of the studios are not open to the public although some, for example the Filmistan studio, allow visitors in.



There is also a plan to launch a complex which will house Bollywood cafes, museums, a theme park with special rides, replicas of famous film sets, movie memorabilia, simulator experiences, 3D virtual gaming booths, and a walk of fame, among other attractions. According to Shailendra Singh of Percept Holdings, the company responsible for the plan, “Bollywood is 75 years old and it’s time we showed our pride of this rich heritage. Watch out, Bollywood tourism will be big business.”


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