Kevin Eagan - Feb 8, 2010

The famous British tycoon Richard Branson is set to reveal his latest gift to the world – an underwater plane to provide tourists with the opportunity to voyage the bottom of the sea. He is certainly not the first person to have Jules Verne in mind when inventing something, yet he also has the cash to realize such an idea.



Richard Branson came to fame with his Virgin airline company and is often in the news for his business ventures, ranging from the publishing of magazines to the formation of train companies. Indeed, to say that the Virgin brand is all over the planet is in fact an understatement.


Branson is also infamous for his adventures “out of this world” as he has been known to dabble in space tourism. Now the brand goes from out of orbit to the deepest parts of our planet.


The Necker Nymph is set to be the strongest version of deep-sea travel ever, designed to glide peacefully over shallow reefs and dive down to the deepest places on earth using the same technology. As with the space travel, the deep sea tours are going to be offered topeople with a similar depth of pocket as Branson himself, yet it could do wonders for the Virgin brand and enhance the reputation of the tycoon himself.


The underwater vessel is expected to reach 35,000 ft. at first, before being adapted to go even deeper. The Marian trench, the deepest known place on earth, is the next target. It is expected that such vessels are to be dotted around the world to cover all seas possible and take any willing, and rich, tourist to any marine area they wish. The phrase “the sky is the limit” did not set high enough targets for Richard Branson and now shallow reefs, attractive as they may be, are also not enticing enough.








Sir Branson Reveals New Ship in the Space Race

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  1. It seems Sir Branson has nothing better to do. But we need these people who doesn't have to care about every day work but rather sit in their armchair and just think what the world lacks - oh yes, underwater plane!


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