Wayne M. Gore - Aug 10, 2009
The Bavarian Forest National Park, on the German-Czech border, is expected to introduce a unique project. It is exciting and adventurous and will show the park from a new perspective – from the tree-tops. Germany is a charming and diverse country with a reputed passion for great beer and delicious food. Its natural charm is also well known and all the national parks are very well kept. Recently, the Bavarian Forest National Park introduced a new project aimed at attracting more visitors, especially families with children. A new path is to be opened, but a rather unusual one. The new, 2,5 km long path is going to lift the visitors off the ground – and take them to the tree-tops.Observing the wild life from a bird’s-eye view is an attraction impossible to resist. The construction began in May and according to Karl Sinner, the Director of Bavarian Forest, it will be finished and ready to welcome the first tourists as early as in August 2009. A definite highlight of the new path will be a giant dome-shaped wooden structure which reaches the height of 43 meters. It will offer a striking view over the entire park. The path will actually wind through the tree-tops and visitors will have quite a diversity of views to enjoy. Another project complementing the new path is the creation of a state-of-the-art information centre in Neuschönau in Bavaria. An old wooden house which once used to accommodate the city library will undergo a massive reconstruction. There will be projection rooms, a cafe and also a workshop for children. This is all part of the initiative to bring more young visitors and families to the Bavarian Forest. The park is in fact the oldest national park in Germany. As Sinner says, all the new projects are to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the park’s foundation. The path will be the biggest attraction and hopefully all visitors will be able to enjoy it very soon. Related:BAVARIA – THE KINGDOM OF BEER AND GLORYGERMAN KONSTANZ APPEALS TO ROMANTIC AND RELIGIOUS TOURISTS

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  1. The picture looks fantastic! I wish I could visit the park.


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