Justin N. Froyd - Jul 8, 2008
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New Orleans has its fame certainly lying elsewhere than in the kitchen. However, new museums and innovative new ideas are making the city ideal for the so-called culinary tourist. To add to the museum of American cocktails, the recently opened museum of Southern cuisine is sure to tickle the taste buds and interest of a number of locals and outsiders. The Riverwalk Marketplace is the venue of the new museum and is accessible from all sides. Considering some of the extortionate prices of some of the world’s, let’s say, strange museums $10 is far from expensive as an entrance fee. Of course, there are benefits for pensioners, students and the disabled.


Photographs on the walls of the museum explain the role of staple foods such as, for example, beans or rice in the history of many southern areas such as Louisiana. The museum in generally is dedicated to the research and celebration of the history of food in the south of the USA. It is not about making money, indeed the museum is a non-profit organisation which is aided by the fact that it has been granted a tax exemption.


There are a number of southern specialities on show at the museum. For example, there is the andouille. For those less familiar with the term: this is a sausage belonging to the speciality category made from hog intestines and stuffed with a variety of southern spices. The specialities do not end there as visitors are invited all year round to smell, feel and even taste some of America’s most attractive gastronomical delights. It has been pointed out that the museum can do absolutely no harm whatsoever to the American food industry and can indeed serve as an advertisement for it.



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